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Junk Car Removal Service

Old vehicles and abandoned automobiles can sometimes be obstacles in homes and properties. Without any purpose to serve, it only serves as a useless thing that adversely affects your property’s appearance Not only are these vehicles somehow unpleasant to look at, it also takes up a lot of space in your property; a space which could’ve been used for other purposes instead. Hence, it’s understandable if you want it removed from your property at all cost.

However, homeowners and residents sometimes require assistance in getting rid of old vehicles. In general, this might seem like an easy task. After all, you can simply drive the car to a junkyard. However, there are cases wherein an old vehicle is no longer functioning properly.

Hence, it’s going to be impossible to task to drive it. Oftentimes, it can even be dangerous since it can potentially malfunction while driving. This is why our company, Columbia Towing Service, offers to take them off your hands. You can simply give us a call to have unsightly old vehicles and car junk removed from your property. Rest assured, we’ll respond to your call promptly so you can use the obstructed space immediately.

Our Vehicle Removal Service

Unbeknownst to many, calls for junk car removal does not necessarily mean the type of car to be removed is junk. Homeowners call in to remove abandoned vehicles as well. Hence, we tailor the type of service we give to the nature of the request. We cater to junk car removal, abandoned vehicle towing, and vehicle storage.

Junk Car Removal

Generally speaking, car junk, as the name suggests, is a vehicle that is meant to be discarded. However, the problem is that it’s pretty difficult for homeowners to do so by themselves. Aside from the fact that the car no longer works, there is a high chance that it’s already falling apart. This means that the car will most probably have metal parts littered all around it. In this case, cleaning up can be tedious. Nevertheless, our company is here to take all these problems off your hands. We’ll facilitate the removal and clean up of your property. We’ll make sure not even a vehicle metal scrap is left behind.

Abandoned Vehicle Towing

Sometimes, there are cases wherein a strange or abandoned vehicle appears in an area. Understandably, this matter can be worrying for some. Hence, we work hand-in-hand with local law enforcement officers to make sure that the abandoned vehicle is documented and removed properly. Afterward, the vehicle is safely stored in our lot so the owner can claim it.

Vehicle Storage

Usually, people opting for car junk removal services think that all towed vehicles will end up in the junkyard. However, we actually store some vehicles, especially abandoned ones in our lot. Upon request, you can also have your old vehicle stored in our lot. We understand that sometimes things are too precious to throw away. This is why we offer to store it safely until you can decide on what to do with it.

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