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Columbia SC Parking Lot Towing

Over the years, the number of people who opt for the use of private means of transportation has drastically increased. Simply put, more and more people choose to purchase personal vehicles instead of using public modes of transportation. However, the problem is that the high density of private vehicles has introduced a number of vehicle-related concerns, ranging from heavy traffic to parking problems.

On that note, the people who are often negatively affected by this chaotic change are property managers, commercial establishment owners, and business entrepreneurs. Putting it simply, these people often fall victim to uncaring drivers and motorists who neglect the rules and policies imposed in a property. Ultimately, this makes parking spaces a lot more chaotic and crowded than it should be. Hence, the people managing the area lose control over the organization within their premises. Not only does this result in the loss of valuable customers, but also loss in daily profit. This is why our company, Columbia Towing Service, offers a partnership with these people to rid their property of vehicles owned by non-abiding drivers and motorists.

Our Property Management Towing Service

Columbia Towing Service offers property management towing in an attempt to assist property managers and commercial business owners to take control of their property once again. This service is specifically designed to help these people to manage vehicle traffic in their property better. This includes removing unauthorized vehicles from their property at any time. In general, this service is offered free of charge under the condition that the company or property is registered in our company.

The goal of this service is to monitor, remove, and tow all unauthorized vehicles from a registered property. We understand how inconvenient for property managers and business owners to have their parking spaces riddled by automobiles of disobeying drivers and motorists. Hence, we give them the power to remove them legally. Nonetheless, our service also follows legal and formal protocols in the removal process to ensure no legal repercussions in the future.

Unauthorized Vehicle Removal

Proper protocols for removing an authorized vehicle is strictly followed by al our personnel. This includes documenting all necessary details and giving our client a copy for recording. In addition, the local police department is also informed regarding the situation to legally record the extraction process. Once all legal actions have been properly executed, we promptly work on removing the vehicle in question away from the property. Rest assured, the removal and towing of any vehicle will be handled with utmost care to ensure that it won’t get damaged under our management. Regardless if the vehicle is in violation of rules or policies, we always make sure that all vehicles under our care will be treated gently.

Parking Lot Enforcement

The vehicle will be brought back to our lot for safekeeping. That is until the owner claims it. All towing fees and costs will solely be charged on the owner. Hence, we will be requiring him or her to pay for everything before handing the vehicle back. This is why the service comes free of charge for all registered clients. Generally speaking, we impose this kind of policy to give justice to the inconvenience caused. Furthermore, it is one good way to teach drivers and motorists to abide by implemented rules and policies within a property.

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