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Columbia SC Specialized Towing

The core of our company revolves around the protection of drivers and vehicles alike. Proudly, we have served the city for many years governed by the principles that make us the best service provider when it comes to vehicle-related concerns. Without a doubt, we are in this industry because of our profound dedication to assist drivers who share the same feelings of love and care on all types of vehicles.

On that note, we understand how important private vehicles are in the lives of our clients and their families. Years of being in the industry has showed us that vehicles are more than just modes of transportation for most. Some people deem it as a valuable investment, while others showcase it as a beloved asset. Nonetheless, this taught us that this special relationship should be given a special type of service as well. Hence, our specialized towing service has been born.

The concept behind this service revolves around the idea of catering to the needs of special and unique types of cars. This includes vintage cars, luxury sports cars, and project vehicles. Oftentimes, drivers and motorists require the assistance in handling these kinds of cars. And to cater to their requests, needs, and preferences, we offer specialized towing and transport for their beloved vehicles.

Our Property Management Towing Service

Our company’s specialized towing service makes use of special type of tow trucks that eliminates the risk of wear and tear commonly associated with normal towing methods. Oftentimes, we make use of flatbed tow trucks for specialized services. However, we are also open to tailoring specialized service to our clients depending on their preference and request. Simply put, we also offer personalized and customized towing services for our clients and customers. In these cases, we have trailers and special towing trucks prepared upon request.

Short Distance

As mentioned, we often use flatbed towing trucks for specialized towing. This is particularly used in cases of short distance specialized transportation of a vehicle. Since the distance that has to be covered is not too big, we use a simpler yet unique type of towing. Nevertheless, all efforts are done to ensure that not a single scratch will adorn your beloved vehicle. We have special loading equipment to make sure that the vehicle will be safely loaded on the platform of our towing trucks. In addition, we make use of an elevated towing technique to keep the vehicle from touching the ground. Ultimately, this eliminates any wear and tear that usually happens when a vehicle is towed.

Long Distance

In general, it bears the same concept as a short distance specialized towing service. However, clients are given more option to customize how they want their vehicle transported. Because of various factors, we are most likely to use trailers and special towing trucks for long distance specialized hauling. In this way, the vehicle will be safely transported in the most fashionable and convenient way. And very much like our standard long distance towing service, all efforts are spent to ensure that the client will be given real time updates regarding the location, condition, and status of the transported vehicle.

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